Wedding Ceremonies


As a Marriage Celebrant Ray Standen is very dedicated and committed to his work.

“My aim is always to provide you with a professional, dignified and meaningful ceremony, tailored to your personal requirements in a relaxed atmosphere. I take great pride in creating a unique service and endeavour to exceed the expectations of all my clients.”

Location is never a problem, as he is very comfortable delivering your wedding service where you want it. Whether this is the beautiful Australian beaches, in open country, hotels, function centres or private residences.

I always arrive 30minutes prior to your weddings agreed start time, the law requirement is 20 minutes. I also Supply a "Professional" sound system free of charge to every service. Plus, I give you a free signing "Pen" for when you sign the Marriage certificate for you to keep as a memento.

Inter-faith services are dealt with in a manner that meets the expectations of all parties concerned.

All services are tailored to your personal requirements and my aim is to exceed your expectations at all times.


The Marriage Ceremony is the most important occasion in a couple’s lives and should be an elegant and memorable ceremony.

Jill provides you with a ceremony she has prepared which sets out several suggestions for the wording of each step of your ceremony. The whole celebration takes on much more meaning when it reflects your own personality and style. To make this happen Jill always works together with the you incorporating personal, family or cultural traditions that are important to you. Anybody can provide 'a wedding ceremony', but YOUR wedding ceremony should be yours alone, a style of your own.

As a full time professional, Jill Standen is able to perform Weddings during the week as well as on the weekends. Her goal is to help you create a professional, romantic and unique ceremony, to suit your personal requirements in a relaxed atmosphere.

Interfaith weddings will be dealt with a manner that meets the expectations of all parties concerned

Jill arrives at the wedding venue 30mins prior to the weddings agreed start time. Equipped with a Professional PA System Free of charge and Jill uses a headset microphone to ensure that all your guests can hear the ceremony. She supplies a Marriage Certificate signing pen free of charge as a memento of your wedding day.

Please visit the contact page to arrange a meeting to discuss what we can offer further.


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