Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies a wonderful way to celebrate your love for one another and renew the vows as you did on your Wedding day. This can be at any place that has special meaning for you. The whole celebration takes on much more meaning when it reflects your own personality and style.

To make this happen we work together incorporating personal, family or cultural traditions that are important to you. The reaffirmation ceremony are your happy memories that could be to re-enact a couple’s wedding day with their old friends and new friends, as well as family, and possibly their children, to share their life, their history and love story in their later years.

When should you hold a “Renewal Of Vows” Ceremony? The answer is quite simply whenever you feel comfortable and have the desire to renewal your wedding Vows of love. I have had had the privilege of providing Renewal Of Vows Ceremonies from the first (1st) wedding anniversary to a beautiful couple who renewed their Vows after sixty (60th) years of Marriage.

Renewing your vows is a wonderful way to look back over the years you've shared with each other, honouring and celebrating the good times and the challenges, and is a lovely way to give thanks to each other and to those nearest and dearest, as you make your vows and wishes for the years you’ve yet to share.

Your ceremony could be romantic, on a beach, in a beautiful garden, in a hot air balloon, fancy dress, traditional or humorous. Show your partner that you love them as much, if not more, today than the day you were married.

To mark the event a certificate is issued which shows your original marriage date, place, etc. including details of this celebration. As with your original Certificate of Marriage, there is space for you and your witness’s signatures, and mine as Celebrant.

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